Data Center Design Consultants (DCDC)

What is this?
The Data Center Design Consultants (DCDC) certification demonstrates knowledge in all facets of data center design. Due to the push for greater capacity, increased efficiency and higher levels of utilization, data centers have become more complex to design and bring online, and data center designers are often required to possess knowledge in mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems, as well as being familiar with the other needs of a data center, such as reliability, security and building requirements.
Who is this for?
Candidates for the DCDC designation are individuals involved in the planning, implementing and making of critical decisions regarding data centers. To sit for the DCDC credential examination, you must have:
A minimum of two years of approved and verifiable experience in the design and/or construction of data centers. Experience must be within the last six years. The DCDC credential is valid for three years. Within each three-year period, all DCDCs must obtain a minimum of 24 BICSI continuing education credit (CEC) hours. The DCDC registration must be renewed every three years. The DCDC exam is based on content found in BICSI 002-2019 Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices.  The examination is administered in a computer-based testing (CBT) format at Pearson VUE Authorized Training Centers worldwide. Locations of testing centers can be found at The format of the test is 2 hours, 100 questions, closed-book and multiple choice.
What will this do for me?
DCDC was created to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated both the knowledge and ability to apply it over the multiple facets within data center design. Candidates for the DCDC designation are individuals involved in the planning, implementing and making of critical decisions regarding data centers. Data center, IT, facility or project managers, architects, engineers, designers, consultants and those planning to enter careers in the data center design, construction or maintenance fields would benefit from earning the DCDC credential.
How much does this cost?
Our full tuition cost is just $854.00 (plus shipping).

What will I get in the full tuition package?
It is suggested...
that as soon as you know which class you wish to attend you submit your order for that class. If you do not know which class yet...submit your order with "Will Call" in the class location field on the order form. Even if you have to wait for approval...submit your order form as soon as possible to reserve a seat in the class!

  • 2 Full days of interactive classroom instruction.
  • 2 Workbooks = Outlined, chapter sequential assessment of material most frequently asked on the DCDC Exam. With additional questions on NDRM and ESS (with answers). A must for anyone considering the DCDC Exam! A total of over 2400 questions! The Application/Knowledge-based design will determine your strengths and weakness prior to taking the DCDC Exam!
  • Plus Coaching, Demonstration, Tips and Techniques for test taking and Daily Question and Answer Sessions
  • Plus after class assistance and problem solving techniques!

Every effort has been made to avoid duplication of any questions in our workbooks! This means that you have more than 2400+ questions and answers covering all chapters required.

How much lead time will I need?

Study material goes out upon payment. So if you order the study material today by will go out today! Everything is sent by Priority Mail through the US Postal service and delivery time is 2-3 business days. All of our study aids are self-paced, this means that YOU are in control of your study and can arrange it around your schedule! As a reference, if you study just one hour a would need approximately eight (8) weeks!

All of our classes are instructed by CET certified instructors, all of which are RCDD certified themselves, and all are currently employed in the telecommunications industry!

Is the cost of the exam or Manual included in the tuition?
No, any costs related to BICSI are payable to BICSI. Items such as the application fees, or the ANSI/BICSI 002-2019, or NSC are payable directly to BICSI. All exams, including the BICSI exams are now taken electronicaly through Pearson Vue.

Need an estimate for the boss?

We can accomodate those wanting an "estimate for approval", Just ask our friendly staff to email you a "no obligation" estimate today!

Please, we cannot express enough the importance of study in passing the exam! Please allow yourself sufficient time to thoroughly complete the study materials!

DCDC Full tuition: $854.00 (plus shipping)

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