What is this ITS Fundamentals Exam?
The fundamentals are the basics of ITS Design, and is part of the NxtGEN program requirements through BICSI. The ITS Fundamentals Exam is only available from the BICSI website, and will assist the student with both the immediate goal of achieving BICSI credentialing and the long-term goal of career advancement. This exam consists of 100 true/false and multiple choice questions drawn from the various specialties manuals, and there are no prerequisites to sit for this exam.

What if I need preparatory material?
If you need just a workbook, we can help with that . We offer a "Fundamental Basics" workbook (with practice exam), consisting of information on all of the following:
**Structured Cabling Systems (Pathways, spaces, firestopping, and codes & standards)
**Media Selection: (Types and characteristics of media and installation procedures)
**Grounding and Bonding: (Review of basic grounding theory, systems config and components)
**Network Design: (Networks, data, wireless and data centers)
**Project Management: (review of common tools and techniques)

How much does the exam cost?
The cost of the fundamentals exam is payable through BICSI, and is $100 (member) or $250 (non-member) per exam attempt, and you can repeat the exam as many times as needed to pass. You DO NOT have to take any preparatory classes in order to sit for this exam! If your goal is to sit for a specialty exam, and you have already been studying, you may already have the necessary information to pass the Fundamentals exam.

What is the exam like?
The exam is 100 questions and 90 minutes in length. Once registered for the exam, you will have 60 days to complete the exam attempt.  A score of 75% is required to pass. You do not have to register with BICSI to take the exam, but it would be to your advantage to do so as you would then receive member pricing.

What does the workbook cost?
The workbook cost is $450, and if you purchase it with a tuition package, you automatically receive a $50 discount!

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