Outside Plant 


Outside Plant is defined in the Customer-Owned Outside Plant (CO-OSP) Telecommunications Cabling Standard, as the "telecommunications infrastructure designed for the installation exterior to buildings". It is composed of the media, either copper or fiber, and the supporting structures required to link the serving facilities to outlying locations to provide for voice, data, video and other low-voltage systems.

You no longer need to be RCDD certified in order to sit for the OSP Specialty! If you are looking to further your OSP specialty while achieving the identification and visibility needed in the industry to connect with the opportunities that can lead you into the future, then our class allows you to review design principles for pathways and spaces, CO and cabling infrastructure, grounding and bonding, rights of way, and project management, plus much, much more!

Those awarded the OSP Specialty will demonstrate outstanding knowledge and expertise in all areas of CO-OSP, that will give them competitive recognition.  To sit for the exam, you must submit the completed OSP Specialty Process and Exam application, submit required letters of reference and the required fees directly to BICSI, at least 30-days prior to the exam date of your choice.

Our OSP Program consists of:

  • 2 Full days of interactive classroom instruction
  • Our OSP Workbook, (with answers)  
  • Our exclusive OSP sample Test (Handed out in class)
  • Plus Coaching, Demonstration, Tips and Techniques for test taking, and Daily Question and Answer Sessions
  • Plus after class assistance and problem solving techniques, if needed!

Note: The study material is all "self-paced", and every effort has been made to avoid duplication of questions within the study material and all questions are referenced to the OSP manual by chapter and page number for ease of look-up. Please, we cannot express enough the importance of the pre-study! Please allow yourself sufficient time to thoroughly complete the study materials!

Remember: The study material may be purchased separately from the course. If you register for the course within one year of the book purchase ... the cost of the books can be deducted from the full tuition cost.

When: We hold OSP Classes just prior to the BICSI conference sites! Call for exact dates!

OSP Full Tuition cost is
$854.00 (plus shipping)

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