Registered Communications Distribution 

Designer  (RCDD)

33 CECs

What is RCDD?

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is globally recognized within the telecommunications industry, as a designation of the exceptional qualifications and expertise of the individual, in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications systems and their related infrastructure components. The RCDD designation is becoming ever more recognized...and many private and state organizations.

Who is it for?
New RCDDs...
The RCDD certification is for those individuals who have a minimum of 5-years of design experience, who are actively involved in network infrastructure design, or working directly with architects, engineers, network managers, or other professionals in the design, implementation or integration of network infrastructures, alarm systems or security systems.
Current RCDDs...Those of you already RCDD certified can earn 33 continuing education credits while receiving a current edition update as a refresher! You DO NOT have to take the exam again! All you need do is attend the 3-day instructor led class and sign the attendance record to receive the 33 credits. 

What will this do for me?

As the telecommunications industry expands, the RCDD designation will become ever more requested and required to submit bids for private, state, school or government contracts. You will acquire a wealth of knowledge from our interactive classroom structure, as we cover all chapters of the current edition TDM manuals, including Codes, Standards and Regulations, Horizontal and Backbone distribution, TRs, ERs, through Administration and Special Design Considerations. Not to mention that the RCDD certification will give you the competitive edge and the RCDD designation can aid in your career development (...and increased salary potential), enhance your professional status and expand your opportunities!

How much does this cost?

Our full tuition cost is still just $976.00 (includes shipping of $18 ). Additional $161.00 for RCDD Flash Cards.

What will I get in the full tuition package?
It is suggested...
that as soon as you know which class you wish to attend you submit your order for that class. If you do not know which class yet...submit your order with "Will Call" in the class location field on the order form. Even if you have to wait for approval...submit your order form as soon as possible to reserve your seat in the class!

  • 3 Full days of interactive classroom design methods and procedures
  • Workbook 1 = Chapter sequential review of material most frequently asked on the RCDD Exam. Includes the program study outline to lead you through the TDM while completing the workbooks!
  • Workbook 2 = additional unique questions (with answers). A must for anyone considering the RCDD Exam!
  • Workbook 3 = additional unique questions (with answers) for a total of over 4000 questions! Designed to determine your strengths and weakness prior to taking the RCDD Exam!
  • In class workbook with in-class test to prepare you for the RCDD exam! 
  • Plus Coaching, Demonstration, Tips and Techniques for test taking and Daily Question and Answer Sessions
  • Plus after class assistance and problem solving techniques!
  • As with any other class, you must purchase the TDM Manuals directly from BICSI to use with the course workbooks!
Every effort has been made to avoid duplication of any questions in our workbooks! This means that you have more than 4000+ questions and answers covering all 24 chapters of the TDM manuals.

How much lead time will I need?

Study material goes out upon payment. So if you order the study material today by will go out today! Everything is sent by Priority Mail through the US Postal service and delivery time is 2-3 business days. All of our study aids are self-paced, this means that YOU are in charge of your study and can arrange it around your schedule! As a reference, if you study just one hour a would need approximately eight (8) weeks, if you study two hours a night, seven nights a week, you can complete the course in just four weeks! Since our program comes with a study outline (in workbook 1), you can be completing the workbooks as you are reading the TDM manuals!

All of our classes are instructed by CET certified instructors, all of which are RCDD certified themselves, and all are currently employed in the telecommunications industry!

As an added study aid, we offer our exclusive 500-card set of RCDD Flash Cards for an additional $161.00 per set. Actually more than just flash cards (one question - one answer), our flash cards are more reference type cards, where you have one subject on the front and may have several topics that pertain to the subject on the reverse. An excellent addition to the study material and conveniently packaged to take along anywhere!

Is the cost of the exam(s), or TDM included in the tuition?
No, as with any other course, even with BICSI... Items such as the application fees, Manuals, etc. are payable directly to BICSI. With the change to electronic exams, the BICSI exams are now taken electronicaly through Pearson Vue.

When will I receive a Certificate of Completion for the Class (COCs)?
It is a BICSI requirement for you to attend all days of the class.  You must acknowledge your attendance by signing in on the first day, then initialing that you attended on day 2 and/or day 3. You will receive the Certificate of Completion one week from the  last day of class. We send the COCs to the last known address on file. Be sure you update your address if you have moved! Call to verify address on file! Replacement COCs are $15.

Need an estimate for the boss?

We can accomodate those wanting an "estimate for approval", Just ask our friendly staff to email you a "no obligation" estimate today!

Please, we cannot express enough the importance of the sufficient study in passing the exam! Please allow yourself sufficient time to thoroughly complete the study materials!

RCDD Full tuition cost is $976.00 (includes shipping of $18 in the USA)



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