1.  For your maximum benefit: Register for your class and exam as early as possible! It takes approximately 8 weeks (1 hr a day) to complete the study material prior to class.
2.  You will need to order the most current edition TDM from BICSI 
to use with CET's RCDD study material. (Same for the CTS, DCDC, OSP manuals)
3. Class times: All class times are from 7:30am to 7pm on all days of the class. RCDD is a 3-day class, whereas CTS, OSP and DCDC are 2-day classes.
4.  Certificates of Completion will be issued within one week of the last day of class. And will be mailed to the last known address on file for you. If you have moved please give us a call with your current address.
5. Exam info: All exams are given through a Pearson Vue Nationwide Testing Center near you. The application process has not changed. You still need to submit your application for RCDD, DCDC, or OSP to BICSI at least 30-45 days prior to the exam date of your choice. They will process and approve (or deny) your application, at which time you will be emailed a confirmation number. With that confirmation number you can make an appointment at, to sit for the exam. 

To complete and print an order form, click here (For information on Transfers or Cancellations, or payment policies click here)
To link to the BICSI application, click here

To link to the CTS application, click here
To link to Pearson Vue, click here


Location information will be emailed to you within 2-weeks prior to the class start dates. Once the link is in blue, the location information is posted online and can be viewed by clicking on the location of your class. If the location of the class is still in black, it simply means that location information has not yet been posted.

You must register through BICSI for approval to take an exam at a Pearson Vue location near you, at least 30 days in advance . Pen and paper exams are only available at BICSI conferences.

2019 Schedule of Classes– (Additional classes may be added) Information on the class is located under “Class Flyers”. Class location is located under “Class Location”. Those with a blue link are available for viewing. Those without a blue link are still in the process of finalizing location and will be added as soon as possible.
Class FlyersTypeDatesClass locations
Las Vegas, NV RCDD September 24-26 Las Vegas
Orlando, FL RCDD October 1-3 Orlando
Philadelphia, PA RCDD October 1-3 Philadelphia
Omaha, NE RCDD October 8-10 Omaha
Austin, TX RCDD October 22-24 Austin
Fairfax, VA RCDD October 28-30 Fairfax 
Albuquerque, NM RCDD November 5-7 Albuquerque
Minneapolis, MN RCDD November 12-14 Minneapolis
Nashville, TN RCDD November 19-21 Nashville