STEPS to Certification:

Register with CET for a design class. Complete the order form, (Available online at Fax to (865) 932-9894, or scan and email to  If you do not yet know which class to attend, you can register for “Will Call”. This will get the pre-study material out to you to begin your study. 

Order the TDMM 13th Edition from BICSI. This can be done at the same time as becoming a member of BICSI and you get the membership discount! Just call (800) 242-7405, or place your order online at

Determine when you would like to take the exam.  This determines when you should submit the application.

  •  If you would like to take the exam immediately after the class: You must register with BICSI within 30-45 days of the date you wish to sit for the exam. BICSI requires this amount of time to process your application. If you cannot find the application on the website…call us, we will forward you the link!
  • If you wish to take your time and take the exam after you take the class: Remember to register 30-45 days prior to the date you wish to sit for the exam.

  • To speed the exam process, submit:

    • The Communications ICT/Distribution Design Experience Checklist on pages 9-10 of the application.

    • A fully completed and descriptive RCDD Exam Application on pages 11- 13.  This application must be approved by BICSI before the applicant can sit for the RCDD exam!

    • Current résumé—last 10 years of work history must be included.

    • A nonrefundable application fee.

    • Four letters of reference. Letters should be on company letterhead, dated and include a contact phone number and email address. The letters should be from the following:

      • One personal reference.

      • Two from different clients or customers for whom you have recently completed design work. The letters MUST include the following information:

      • Explanation of your design qualifications by providing specific details of the work.

      • A summary of the scope of the project, the project’s location and how you were involved in the project.

      • Date of the job(s) from beginning to end and the level of the client’s satisfaction. Generic details such as, “he did good work for us” or “he helped us with the design” are so general they are meaningless and will NOT be accepted by BICSI.

      • One from your current employer stating your level of participation in the design of projects you are working on, and the length of time that you have been actively employed as an ICT designer.

NOTE: If you are self-employed or a principal of your company, you must provide an additional third letter of reference from a third client for whom you have performed ICT design. Fraudulent applications may result in permanent exclusion from BICSI and ethics investigations of any BICSI members involved.

When you receive your study materials from us… read through them. Answer any questions that you absolutely know the answers to. This will point out strengths/weaknesses in knowledge, and allow more time for the questions that you do not know!

When you receive your TDMM manuals… Assemble and read beginining with Chapter 1. Read the chapter through, and then answer the questions in the study material. If you still have questions unanswered, read the chapter again. Make notes in the margins of the TDM… be sure to ask about them in class!

Study…study… study! Write questions in the margins of your workbook…you will have them handy when you get in class, then make sure to question the instructor!!

6. Take your exam! Pass.