The following testimonials are from actual students, who like yourself, wanted to secure the necessary training to achieve their personal goal of becoming RCDD Certified. They have taken the RCDD Preparatory Review Class from CET Networking Education and turned it into their success!
Keep in mind that the quality and content of RCDD courses may vary greatly from vendor to vendor. Why chance an unknown... we have been in the business of helping students achieve their goals since 1981. Our costs are comparable to all and better than most every competitor, for the same type class.! We teach in three days, what takes others 5 to 7 days ... and at a much lower costs to you! Don't let false claims steer you wrong... our results speak for themselves!
J. Roseman, RCDD July 2016:
"I just took the class for the 30 CECs offered. I had my pre-study material from a previous class with CET... it was easy to read and understand. I would recommend the class to anyone studying for the RCDD exam! Overall, it has great to have this class as an option to get my CECs in one shot... one class... one conference... met the requirements!"
J. Arocha, RCDD March 2017:
"I did not take the exam right after the class... I waited 2 months to apply all that I learned in the class... and PASSED! The instructor, Steve Bunge is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgable in the industry... and gave us many "hooks" to remember the material!"
B. McBride, RCDD April 2017:
"I PASSED the exam! Steve is an above average instructor, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and co-workers! He was extremely helpful and informative. He was available for me to call him both before and after the class. He gave us great hooks for the material as well!"
B. Burchill, RCDD June 2017:
"I took the class and then the exam a few days later. The class was great, but I would do an extra day. The material was easy to read and with the instructors held... I PASSED! I would definately recommend this class to my co-workers and friends who want their RCDD!"
S Childs, RCDD June 2017:
"Although I didn't get all the pre-study material done, the guides were beneficial, easy to read, and great practice to prepare for the exam. I PASSED my exam when I took it... what more could I say? All in all the class was a great learning experience!"