Effective: January 2008


All Cancellations or Transfers must be submitted IN WRITING, either via fax at (865) 932-9894, or email at csm@cetweb.com..  No phone requests will be honored.  Study Material is non-refundable.


Cancellation/Transfer fees for students are as follows:

  • If transfer or cancellation request is more than 30 business days from the scheduled start date of the class, you will be assessed a 10% transfer/cancellation fee. Fee is due when cancellation or transfer is requested.
  • If transfer or cancellation is request is less than 30 business days, but still more than 15 business days prior to the scheduled start date of the class, you will be assessed a 25% transfer/cancellation fee. Fee is due when cancellation of transfer is requested.
  • Transfer or cancellation requests dated less than 15 business days prior to the scheduled start date of the class WILL NOT BE HONORED, and no credit will be given toward future classes.
Substitute registrants are welcome and may be named at any time prior to class start date. Please note: Registrants who do not cancel in writing, and do not attend a scheduled course, are considered “no shows” and are not eligible for refund, transfer, or credit


All workbooks must be paid prior to shipment and, for your convenience, may be charged on Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. We also accept company PO’s, however we must receive a signed copy prior to shipment of materials. All invoice charges are Net 30 from the date of invoice. We accept both company and personal checks, (however they may be subject to a 14-day waiting period), and must be received 14-business days prior to course start date.  Registration to attend the CET review course should be completed at least 4-weeks prior to the class start date. All payments are in US Funds.


Should it become necessary to refer an account for collections, registrant will also be responsible for any collection costs incurred. In the event the employer of any registrant refuses payment, the registrant shall be personally responsible for payment. All courses are offered subject to a minimum enrollment of 15 students. If courses do not meet the minimum enrollment, they may be cancelled or rescheduled, at the discretion of CET. If CET must cancel a course for any reason, liability is limited to the paid class fee, and all transfer fees to an alternate course will be waived. CET is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets, accommodation expenses, or any associated cancellation fees. Study material is non-refundable.


It is the sole responsibility of the student to arrange to take the BICSI exam. No BICSI fees are included in tuition. You must submit the RCDD Process and Exam Application, along with references and required fees directly to BICSI al least 30-days prior to the exam date of your choice.  Exams may be taken at different locations than the class site at the discretion of the student. Admission to sit for the Exam is at the sole discretion of BICSI an in no way affects any fees paid to CET. Failure to apply and/or be approved by BICSI to sit for the exam does not result in refund of any tuition fees paid to CET.


It is the objective of CET Networking Education to not willingly or knowingly call, harass, or cause undue stress on any person(s) or companies contacted in the normal course of business. Every effort is made to limit CET Networking’s solicitation to business-to-business calls, and does not willingly or knowingly call any private residences. If a private residence is reached, that phone number will be placed on our “Do Not Call” list, (unless that phone number is for home office use and the customer has requested to remain on our call lists).  It is included in our policy to secure a contact name to associate with any requested information. CET will honor any request to be placed on our DO NOT CALL list, and will maintain that request for the required 10 years.